Do You Wanna Be a Spaceman?
By Scott Carruthers

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
60 x 60 cm

Scott says of his work "My paintings are largely inspired by a mix of nostalgia from my own childhood along with watching and listening to my own two young kids, making observations of what life is like growing up, the opportunities that may arise and the decisions that are made along the way.

Painting the characters in a naive, cartoon like style helps represent the childhood aspect of the work, taking the seriousness out of the piece and at the same time accentuating the innocence of children. My paintings are thought provoking and allow the viewer to get lost in their imagination and maybe take them back to a simpler time.

I feel keeping the background clean and sparse, free of any landscape; means the essence of the narrative and the children themselves are the focus of the viewer's attention. Often I will use objects such as board games, dice, love hearts and balloons, as metaphors for life, the decisions we make and the paths we take.

An idea for a painting can come from anywhere. Usually from a memory or experience of when I was young or by observing something my kids might do, whether it's watching them at play or just relaxing in front of the television. I try to imagine what they are thinking, and this sometimes triggers similar thoughts that I may have had at the same age. I then want to put these memories and stories into an image. Although my kids provide the majority of inspiration for my work, some paintings have also been influenced by a particular song, by something I have seen or read in the news or a conversation I have had or heard, all relating to childhood and particularly the comparisons with differing generations."

Scott Carruthers was born in New Zealand in 1976 and moved to Norwich, England in 1976. Since 2005 he has lived and worked in Perth, Scotland.He is a self taught artist who has been painting commercially since 2007. Scott signed with Washington Green Fine Art Publishers in 2008 and became a full-time professional artist in August 2009. He now works independently and regularly exhibits in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and Manchester. He has previously also exhibited in Birmingham, Brussels and Toronto.

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