Miles and His Kite
By Henry Kondracki

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Landscape - Sea and Boats
Reg. Number
141.5 x 153.5 cm

Immediately when looking at Henry's oil painting, the viewer is drawn in by the ocean and its high energy waves created through empathic brush strokes. The paint has been applied in thick layers in a wet-on-wet painting technique, which is an indication that the work has been painted on location. The yellow ochre of the sand in the lower corner of the image starts us on our journey as our eyes travel around the coast to the dark landmass in the middle ground and then beyond into the distance of cobalt blues and bold reds.

His work primarily focuses on the changing faces of Edinburgh. Henry's paintings evoke contemplation about the city of Edinburgh by capturing familiar scenes afresh. As a painter he believes in paintings that give rather than withhold - an intimate art that is alive, joyful, and celebratory and has the power to both move and heal.

Henry Kondracki was born in Edinburgh in 1953, to a Polish father and a Scottish mother, and studied at Slade School of Fine Art in London between 1982 and 1986. He exhibits widely in the UK and overseas and his work is in several notable collections. His characteristic preoccupation is with the street life of his native city, painting familiar scenes which make one think twice about Edinburgh, provoking thoughts, memories and emotions. His impressionistic depictions are often humanised by the featuring of a lone figure or a couple, engaging in their typical activities within the scenes.

With thanks to the Scottish Gallery for artist information

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