Again, Again and Again
By Willie Rodger

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
116 x 116 cm

The figures in this screenprint have an animalistic sensibility which enhances the chaotic moment the print is capturing. The colours evoke a passionate tone, whilst the expression of the upper figure is sinister, recalling ideas of power. The lower figures is overpowered, the upper figures crouches over them with a slightly menacing expression. This reminds one of the title "Again, Again and Again" and relationships that have this never ending, recurring quality.

The use of screen print with such a convoluted form is interesting, the finality and definition of the technique provides a stark contrast to the abstraction of the figures. The title "Again, Again and Again" alludes to the cyclical quality of the graphic which appears to be two figures in some kind of embrace. The main features are the two profiles at the centre of the composition and the limbs intertwined around them. It is difficult to discern arm from leg - which adds to the emotional intensity of the displayed action of embrace. This screenprint was produced by Peacock Printmakers, Aberdeen from a very much smaller linocut print of the 1990s.

Willie Rodger (1930 - 2018) was a Scottish artist and printmaker, specializing in anecdotal prints made with linocuts and has enjoyed experimenting with innovative craft techniques.

His work has been described as contrasting a boldness and delicacy, together with a combination of tones of austerity and wit. Willie's strategic use of his medium exposes the maximum potential of it, whilst simultaneously maintaining an economic use of linocut.

"The prints may seem like a spontaneous, first time thing but in fact I go through hundreds of versions and sheets of paper editing, editing till I get it right."

Willie Rodger was born in Kirkintilloch in 1930, and graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1954. After working as an art teacher at Clydebank High School from 1968-87, he left teaching to be a full time artist.

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