Rain at Fidden
By Deirdre Edwards

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
51 x 62 cm

Deirdre Edwards uses ink and watercolour here in a way that fragments the scene. The use of ink to outline and embellish important parts such as the jagged rocks and the hills, is countered by the use of flowing and intermingling watercolour which diverts from the boundaries of ink, as though the rain is blurring everything in the image to the point where the colours merge and seep into one another. The ink work is fast and furious, suggesting storm like weather that conveys urgency, or feeling of panic, as often occurs in stormy weather conditions, also the fact that the ink provides structure, but the watercolour disrupts this and causes disarray, another feeling which can occur in particularly stormy weather. The image is small, but powerful, it expresses a scene that is intriguing and draws you in and is distinctive of the artist's work. Here, Edwards uses line and mark to engender a jagged quality to the scene, and using multiple layers to build up a scene and create impact. The sky is made up of dark hues blended across it and small pools of light paint - showing the night sky perhaps beyond the stormy scene. And beyond this the distant cosmos illustrating another distinguishing feature of her work - the need for exploration.
Edwards largely uses paint as her medium of choice, a large portion of her work comprising of watercolour. Her subject matter can vary, but primarily focuses on exploration. Her latest works have included acrylic and aquacryl on canvas and consists of a series based on lines and angles. She makes observations in her everyday life of the visual stimuli we encounter and what this represents and develops this through the use of line and colour. Deirdre experiments with a process called 'mark making' and the subtle or not so subtle representations they provide. She also builds up her work, giving it multiple dimensions over many thin layers of translucent or opaque paint. This is what she calls "inferring with the image".

Deirdre Edwards, who currently works and resides in Edinburgh, was born in 1950 in Shanghai, China, where she spent a lot of her childhood. She began her journey into the world of art at a very young age, attending the Guildford and Farnham Art School Foundation and Fine Art Course from ten years old until eighteen. Her education then led her to the London Central School of Art, where she graduated with a BA First Class Honours in Fine Art Painting. For a period after this Deirdre also completed a course at the University of London Goldsmiths' College. In 1994 she relocated to Edinburgh where she spends her time creating works for exhibition.

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