By Nicola Murray

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93 x 51 cm

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“My interest in biological systems and science continues to have a strong influence on my art practice. The unexpected connections found between apparently random elements and the contrasts frequently discovered between the exterior and interior of things are themes that often crop up in my work. As well as dealing with tangible physical aspects of the world, I am interested in exploring the relationship between our rational understanding of the way the natural world works and the more personal reality of our lives.
Scientific knowledge of our own biology and environment is constantly on the increase, with rapid developments in our technologies and tools of investigation. Faced with a continued scientific unravelling of ourselves and the world around us I hope that there will always be things that can't be explained. A gap in our knowledge leaves room for poetry and a sense of wonder that we exist at all.”

Nicola Murray was born in 1965 in Edinburgh. After graduating from the University of Aberdeen she attended the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee and spent several years working abroad in Paris and the United States. She also worked in the operating department of the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Since 1996 she has taught at the Edinburgh College of Art and in 2005 she served as the Artist in Residence aboard the Russian Icebreaker Yamal. Her work has been included in exhibitions held across Scotland and in Spain, Slovenia and the United Arab Emirates. Her awards include the Macallan Award and the Keith Prize from the RSA in 1992, the John Kinross Scholarship to live and work in Florence in 1992, the Nancy Graham Memorial Prize in 2009 and the Purcell Paper Prize in 2011. Her work can also be found in collections belonging to the Scottish Art Council, the Royal Bank of Scotland, the University of Dundee and the Grampian Hospitals Art Trust. Much of her work is lens-based and combines photography with printmaking and digital media.

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