Sweet Chestnut Leaf Hole
By Andy Goldsworthy

Reg. Number
46 x 36 cm

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As the title indicates, this photograph by Andy Goldsworthy depicts a selection of chestnut leaves with an artificial hole carved into them. The cluster of chestnut leaves in the centre serve to frame the hole, creating a series of concentric circles where the dense foliage in the centre gives way to the lighter foliage in the background. The pattern of concentric circles is often featured in Goldsworthy's work.

Andy's work often includes natural materials, such as flowers, leaves, plants, earth and snow, which he forms into natural sculptures with a particular eye for colour and the gentle touch of man upon the landscape.

Andy Goldsworthy was born in Cheshire in 1956, grew up in Yorkshire, and graduated from Lancaster Art College in 1978. He is recognised as one of Britain's most popular modern artists. His work has been displayed in exhibitions worldwide, including North America, France, Germany, Australia and Japan. Despite the fact that his projects have taken him to far-off places, he retains a firm connection to his home, which he feels is the main source of his work. He lives in Dumfriesshire.

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