Double Chevron and Spiral
By Kate Whiteford

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
150 x 124.5 cm

Scottish born artist Kate Whiteford began her artistic training at the Glasgow School of Art in 1969, where she studied drawing and painting. She then furthered her education at Glasgow University, studying History of Art. Most of Kate's work is based on the past, the symbols that have been left behind and how these influence us now. She has always worked closely with archaeologists to attain a deeper and fuller understanding of the land and the remnants from previous civilisations. Her work centres around how these symbols and boundaries affect us and how they have been incorporated into our everyday life. Kate's pieces are usually created with paint and vibrant shades, but she often uses and manipulates the land itself with paint, lights and other materials, and proceeds to photograph them, either aerially or from an angle. Sites that she has represented through her art include the Calton Hill in Edinburgh, Coventry City Centre and various spots throughout the UK. Her work has led her to many individual exhibitions of interest to artists and other academics, as Kate's work brings a technical and archaeological aspect in order to explain and interpret the meanings present in the symbols of past and present. Through her contributions, she was awarded an OBE in 2001 and is still creating work to the present day. She has made a huge contribution to contemporary art in Scotland and has explored a region in which has been rarely ventured.

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