Mystic Spring
By Michelle David

Acrylic and Gouache
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
97 x 73 cm

Born in 1968 in Glasgow, Michele David is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art. Her awards include the Scottish Arts Council grant in 1993, the Villiers David Travel Prize in 1996, the Alastair Salvesen Award in 1998 and the Highlands and Islands Artist Award in 2002. Her work has enabled her to travel to North America, Australia, South East Asia and the Pacific Islands. Her residencies include periods in The Shetlands, Oxfordshire, Australia and the Hospitalfield Trust House. Her work has been shown in exhibitions held worldwide, including Glenrothes, Ayr, Caithness, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Australia and London and it has been featured in private collections including Shetland Museum, the Royal Scottish Academy, Edith Cowan University Western Australia and The Royal National Lifeboat Institute.

The artist on her inspiration:

“Nature is the driving force behind my work, from the quiet corners where life goes on almost unnoticed around us, to the violent and surreal landscapes of volcanically active regions”.

“Since graduation, my work has developed a unique character, bringing a fresh outlook to the concept of landscape painting. My abstracted images offer a deeply personal and empathic view of our environment. I am a painter of nature. My work portrays details of organic forms and structures outside their wider context. However, they are realistic depictions of places I have explored closely. Winning several major awards has enabled me to travel as far afield as Shetland and New Zealand. From the coastlines of Scotland to the volcanic regions of Indonesia and Hawaii, I capture the drama of nature's forces at work while retaining a gentle intimacy with my subject”.

“Travelling to America, Hawaii, New Zealand and Indonesia particularly ignited my passion for volcanic and geothermal landscapes, where we can witness the powerful forces active beneath the earth's crust".

"Recent trips to countries as enchanting and unforgiving as India and Morocco, have allowed the content and substance of my work to continue to evolve. I have explored and experimented with the themes of erosion, decay and reconstruction within an urban context where the balance between man and nature is constantly shifting”.

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The Independent interviews Michele David

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