Art in healthcare improves health and wellbeing

Visual art improves health and wellbeing. We work with healthcare providers to connect people personally to art, which in turn, has a direct positive impact on health and wellbeing.

At Art in Healthcare our range of services has been specifically developed to enable people to engage with art in many forms - from artwork rental for your healthcare environment, creative interactive workshops for those suffering from health conditions to bespoke site-specific projects. For supporters of our work you have the opportunity to “Adopt an artwork” which directly funds our cause.

The impact of art can be extremely powerful. Engaging with art has become increasingly recognised on a global scale as a powerful way of tackling health inequalities and achieving positive results for individual health and wellbeing. For many this is a voyage of discovery, for people to develop a personal connection and communicate freely through art.

Art in Healthcare have been a co-operative and flexible organisation to work with and have interpreted the needs of the specific patient group sympathetically. Client Service Project Manager, NHS Lothian

Transform your Healthcare Environment

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