Artwork rental service for healthcare

Humanising medical environments
At Art in Healthcare we provide an artwork rental service from our prestigious art collection to healthcare providers across Scotland. Through our artwork rental service we transform medical and care environments to soothe, inspire and engage. Using a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing enables us to better meet the needs of individuals and communities.

How the artwork rental service works

We make renting artwork easy. At Art in Healthcare we have over 20 years experience building and managing our art collection to suit the needs of a diverse range of healthcare clients and locations. Each original work of art is assessed on merit to suit each particular purpose and environment and we provide guidance and support in developing your long-term art strategy.

Talk to us

Talk to us so we can understand your requirements, your building and location and, most importantly, the people that use it.

View our collection

Online or personally in our store, and our specialist Collection Manager will provide professional advice on the best artworks to select for your purpose.


After agreeing the selected list of works and the rental fee we will arrange a suitable delivery date with you.


We provide appropriate insurance to cover your selected original works of art.

Fixings and information

We provide secure display fixings and information labels to enable people to engage with the artworks.

Keep in touch

We regularly keep in touch to evaluate our service and gather evidence on the impact of art in healthcare environments.

Enhance your healthcare
environment with art

Public access to our valuable collection:
  • Enhances the ambience of hospitals and healthcare centres to contribute to a more positive experience for patients, visitors and staff
  • Reduces negative emotions including stress, anxiety and depression in patients
  • Distracts patients from worrying about their illness or treatment
  • Helps patients feel valued and helps to maintain a sense of dignity
  • Builds social interaction and improves self-esteem

Cost of the artwork
rental service

Fundraising is vital so we can subsidise our artwork rental service. As a result our rental fees are surprisingly affordable enabling you to invest long term in the enhancement of your healthcare facility for the benefit of patients, visitors and staff.

To help with your budgeting, typically it costs only £45 per artwork per annum.

Whilst our visitors are sitting in the reception, we often talk about the painting that hangs there. They are always interested in talking about the artwork and it helps to calm them down whilst they wait for their appointment. Feedback from receptionist, VOCAL (Voice of Carers Across Lothian)

Transform your Healthcare Environment

To transform your healthcare environment and positively impact wellbeing call us on 0131 555 7638 or you can email us Alternatively you can use our contact form by clicking on the button below.

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