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Room for Art is visual art and social prescribing project providing visual arts on a weekly basis to adults in at least seven areas of Edinburgh with the aim of improving people’s health and wellbeing.

Please read our Covid Policy for Room for Art Workshops (pdf). We are also running activities online, see Room for Art at home
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Each workshop is free and delivered by a professional visual artist, a volunteer and a support worker. The sessions are tailored to the interests of the group and participants are encouraged to explore and experiment with different techniques such as; painting, drawing, collage, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, jewellery making, and more.

Our participants are referred by GPs, Link Workers as well as through other third sector organisations, some also refer themselves. Participants may have mental health issues, physical disabilities, feel lonely or isolated or have long term health issues and some have remarked on the importance of the referral process for getting involved.

Why take part?

Making ‘room for art’ and taking part in arts activity can impact positively and in some cases have a transformative effect on health and wellbeing.

Room for Art enables people to explore creativity in a safe, supported space, take time for themselves, meet new people, learn new skills and have fun!

Not just an art class, it becomes an art studio and community for participants who are free to express their creativity in their own way. The aim of the sessions is to make people feel welcome, valued and listened to.

“I've been isolated for a few years now, attending RFA at NEA is the only place I can be creative and form friendships again, it’s my healing place.”

“This project is absolutely amazing. From the moment I was in contact I felt welcomed and valued. There is a real sense of everyone being equal: in terms of the art we all create but also in terms of the dynamic between workers and participants.”

“I like that the focus is enjoying the process of creating not how it turns out.”

“It's a place where if I'm feeling down it always makes me feel better.”

“Room for Art enabled me to stop taking anti-depressants - it is my lifeline.”

“I can distract myself from anxieties, stress, worries and everyday challenges and be mindfully engaged in activities which really do help my whole well-being.”

“We get to express our own idea of art and are not forced to do anything. Can do what we want to do- it’s our own expression.”

“It gives me motivation to get up… I look forward to Monday morning because I have my art class.”

Do you want to take part or would like to refer someone?

Please fill in this referral form or contact the Outreach Manager at

Timetable from May 2022

Room For Art at home

As our workshops were suspended in March 2020 due to the Covid 19 outbreak, we’ve continued to work with our artists and participants to bring the project online.

Facebook and Instagram

Join us on Facebook where we share resources and hold LIVE workshops most Wednesdays at 2pm

Other resources

Have an explore through our resources where you will find art activity cards, artist inspirations, videos of techniques and more

Room for Art online exhibition 'Living in 2020'

Our Thursday group who usually meet at Piershill Library, instigated this exhibition to bring some focus during these challenging and unprecedented times and to help to encourage others, especially those of our participants that were shielding, to continue creating. They wanted to bring cheer and positivity and explore how lockdown has impacted on our daily lives and our mental and physical wellbeing. Many thanks to all our participants that submitted their wonderful work.

Visit the Living in 2020 exhibition
Room for Art Youtube playlist
ROOM FOR ART at home resources

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Do you want to take part or would like to refer someone?

Please fill in this referral form and contact the Outreach Manager at