Prestigious Scottish art collection

From humble beginnings with only 100 paintings on loan in 1991, our extensive and valuable art collection has been developed with care to over 1,500 artworks. This prestigious collection, which is unique in Scotland and rivalled only by national collections, has been selected with the healthcare environment in mind without compromising the artistic quality.

The collection comprises original, high quality, mainly contemporary works ranging from artists that were active in the 1960's through to emerging artists of today. The collection includes works from different media, subjects and techniques including oil paintings, watercolours, drawings, prints and photographs.

A spotlight on our art collection

Our renowned collection includes established and celebrated Scottish artists including Victoria Crowe, David Michie, Elizabeth Blackadder, Alan Davie, John Houston, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Ian Hamilton, Frances Walker, Barbara Rae and many more.

With the generous support of artists, various foundations and individual collectors the collection continues to flourish, with new artworks gifted regularly. Acquisitions are made based on our art policy to maintain a high standard of artworks and reflect the best practice and quality of Scottish art. The collection is regularly reviewed to ensure it stays responsive to healthcare needs and a large proportion of it is already on display in different healthcare environments across Scotland.

From colourful abstracts to brooding landscapes by leading Scottish artists, the quality of the Art in Healthcare collection is fantastic. There is so much positive research about the impact environment has on recovery - there is no question I'd rather be a patient in a hospital that was showing some of these paintings. Dr Camilla Stewart, Art UK

Art improving healthcare

As our collection grows our mission is to bring these artworks to the widest public in Scotland. You will find us in places where often it is needed most including hospitals, care homes, hospices and medical practices where art improves the healthcare experiences of patients, visitors, residents and staff. We bring art to audiences of all ages and circumstances who perhaps wouldn’t have easy access to major urban cultural centres.

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