Art in Healthcare history

Our work dates back to 1991 when the organisation was originally affiliated to Paintings in Hospitals. We became an independent Scottish charity in 2005 with a name change to Art in Healthcare to reflect the broader range of art activity we undertake.

At the beginning, with starter funding and a loan of 100 paintings by Scottish artists, both provided by Paintings in Hospitals in London, Paintings in Hospitals Scotland quickly established a presence.

To expand the collection Matilda Mitchell and Anne Price, the charity's founder and administrator respectively, bought artwork mostly from studios and degree shows. Subsequently the artist Will Maclean remarked that the Collection was second only to the Scottish Arts Council’s. The National Lottery also approved enough to award Paintings in Hospitals Scotland a major grant for works beyond its pocket. As the emphasis was on quality, many hospitals were pleased to discover the scheme including the Royal Victoria, the Western General, Dunfermline, Dumfries, hospitals in the Borders, the Highlands and throughout Scotland.

The charity has been fortunate to attract many renowned, knowledgeable and influential Trustees, Patrons and special advisers over the years, all of whom have contributed to Art in Healthcare's substantial growth. We have recently developed a new ambitious business plan with a wide reaching vision and goals which we envisage will transform health and wellbeing across Scotland.

Matilda Mitchell, Art in Healthcare President
February 2017