Sharks in Pursuit of Divers
By Susan Calder

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Sea and Boats
Reg. Number
18 x 58 cm

Susan Calder's, 'Sharks in Pursuit of Divers', is a work of immense blue tonalities; the multi-layered saturated watercolour paint conveying the depths of the sea. The viewer is consumed more fully by the sea through the seamless quality of the matching blue of the work's frame and the effervescent quality of the realistic air bubbles and blurred hands of the swimming divers. In this oil painting the blotted representational effect of the last shark, emerging into view behind the shark already pursuing the unaware divers, produces a comic effect due to their ignorance of the threat of shark attack directly behind their especially vulnerable long, spindly bodies.

Calder's figurative work aims to capture the mood and personality of her subjects. She has painted a series of works depicting divers and sharks. Through these images she attempts to illustrate human vulnerability.

Susan Calder studied painting at Edinburgh College of Art and exhibits throughout Scotland. She is interested in depicting personality and searches for a pleasing effect for the viewer through her compositions. She is interested in pointillist and tonal techniques of painting.

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