Number 1
By Eric Cruikshank

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
62 x cm

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Eric Cruikshank is a modern Scottish painter whose work analyses the qualities of colour and light. This work from 1997, is based on the barns and lofts of his home in Aviemore. The painting suggests the cavernous feel of the space depicted in which ghostly grey and white forms hang in a suspended atmosphere.

The artist's favoured medium is panel painting, namely oil on board. In this piece the surface of the panel is highly textured with drips and detailed scratching, producing an irregular surface the viewer almost wishes to reach out and touch. The subtlety of the artist's paintwork creates a hazy, enigmatic image in which a ghostly doorway and window hang mysteriously in the middle of an ethereal space, perhaps resembling a cloistered courtyard or imprisoning bars.

Eric Cruikshank's work was the subject of an exhibition, 'Colour Light Space', at the Highland Institute or Contemporary Art, an artist-run space near Inverness in the north of Scotland, in June 2009.

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