Little Green Apples I
By Derek Green

Reg. Number
61 x 66 cm

The different modes of nature are represented though different artistic techniques in this work. The mud beneath the apple tree is represented through thick khaki green strokes whilst the apples on the trees are simplified daubed brushstrokes alluding to the pointillist genre. The scene contains rich and vivid colour, the leaves are painted in a warm palette of orange tones implying that this is an autumnal scene and conveying the richness and abundance of nature through the focus on colour intensity rather than representational accuracy. Therefore, the fluidity of the painterly technique could also be seen as an allegorical representation of the transient nature of reality and so 'Little Green Apples' fits into the symbolist genre of painterly tradition which is based around subjective visions of nature.

Derek Green was born in Glasgow in 1958 and graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1979 with a BA (Hons) in Painting and Drawing and was also awarded the Landscape prize. After obtaining a Certificate in Teaching from Jordanhill College of Education in 1980 he travelled extensively around France and Scotland painting landscapes. He has exhibited in both group and solo exhibitions and has won the Armour Award for Still Life painting in the Royal Glasgow Institute.

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