Bare Winter Fields
By Evelyn Pottie

Subject Matter
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63 x 80 cm

This screen print by the Inverness based artist Evelyn Pottie, presents a winter landscape stretching out, dipping away from and then rising up into the distance. Inspired by the fallow fields, forested hills, green shrubs and leafless trees around a farm near Cawdor on the Moray Firth, it is a work of contrasts. Although bare, the brown of the fields, with their speckling of white sheep, and the rich greens of the forested areas give the image warmth and depth. The light and dark areas suggest the sun falling across the landscape creating deep shadows but also bringing out the caramel brown of the central field and the bright white of the small farmhouse. The austere and windblown trees are balanced against the darkly green evergreen shrubs and bushes. The almost geometric structure of the image with its strong horizontal and vertical lines can be read against the soft shapes within these blocks - the shadows and shapes of the different trees, the undulation of the fields and the distant hills. Of her work, Evelyn has said "if it encourages its viewers to take a longer look at the landscape which we may be in danger of losing...a look at its colours, shapes and forms…a look at its every changing light and shade...a look at its history and its future, then I feel I will have achieved something". Despite the limited colour pallet the many different and subtle shades of green, brown and yellow, both draw out and draw attention to the complex textures, shapes and relationships between the different elements within this un-peopled landscape.

All of Evelyn's work is sketched 'in situ', but developed in the studio. Her body of work includes paintings in oils and acrylics on board, canvas and paper, but much of her work uses a screenprint process. In a pamphlet on her work, Evelyn describes how this process involves working from a 'master drawing' which forms the basis for the stencils needed for each of the different colours in the print.

Evelyn describes how she has always been in love with the countryside, developing her work from sketches drawn in the highlands of Scotland. She was educated in Edinburgh and Aberdeen and gained a DA in Drawing and Painting from Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen. After 22 years as a teacher, Evelyn decided to work full time as an artist and printmaker, working for more than 12-years as a screen print technician with Highland Printmakers in Inverness.

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