First Snow
By Caitlin Foy

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Domestic and Home
Reg. Number
110 x 111 cm

This innocent landscape, typical of Foy's work, shows a gloomy but warm scene. The sun and its reflection on top of the ground draw the viewer's attention. The use of bright yellow tones helps to highlight the presence of snowflakes. Despite its abstract nature, it clearly transmits the atmosphere of the scene. The combination of pink strokes caused by the sunset illuminate the canvas, while the bluish green stays mostly in the background. On closer inspection you can see the use of layers of colours to generate shades and also the addition of segments of canvas on top of the original surface.

Her paintings are mainly on oil, but she also uses watercolour and mixed media. She is interested in Art and Psychosis and was influenced by Paul Klee and the Primitivist style. Her pieces are abstracted childlike landscapes with a colourful and expressive flair from exotic and hot countries. She also mixes some figurative and natural elements such as animals, flowers or fruits.

Caitlin Foy was born in Irvine in 1970 and graduated from Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen in 1993. She was winner of the Gordon Memorial Award and participated in the RSA Student exhibition at The Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh. Since then she has travelled to Greece and Holland. Her pieces are now in private collections throughout Scotland and Germany.

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