Fresh Day
By David Sinclair

Acrylic and Gouache
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
29 x 35 cm

David Sinclair has chosen the large overarching dark cloud as the main motif of this painting. He uses gouache paints and moves from blue colours in the middle of the painting, where the dark blue hills on the horizon meet the light blue sky, to a green tone in the foreground. We can see clearly the direction of the brush strokes, which make the clouds seem all the more powerful.

David Sinclair, born in 1937, studied painting at Glasgow School of Art and taught Art in Dumfries and Galloway for many years. He was awarded a Post Diploma and travelling scholarship, allowing him to continue his studies in Paris, Holland and London.

David prints his paintings and etchings from his own press and his work is included in numerous private and public collections. David's trademark is his use of pale blue/gray paint in his Still Life work, which he is very fond of. Many of his paintings deal explicitly with the Scottish landscape.

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