Mountains, Sky and Boat
By Jacqueline Watt

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
81 x 83 cm

'Mountains, Sky and Boat' is a watercolour painting which depicts a bright sunny waterside scene and was inspired by the landscape of Wigtonshire. Every part of the picture plane is united by Jacqueline's swirling and circular brushwork. This suggests a rapidity and energy as though it were painted outdoors in front of the scene. There is the suggestion of depth to this image; the boat is in the immediate foreground, with a line of trees and the hill on the horizon, yet it is not meant to be a realistic representational scene. Instead Jacqueline gives this painting a dream-like fantastical feel through the close tonal range and swirling brushwork. Washes of colour are overlaid with solid lines of paint to give definition and form to the work. Her palette is bright and contrasting yet maintaining an earthy tone as though she is bringing out different colours that already exist in the landscape. Series of parallel lines occur at points in the painting to emphasis gradient, for example horizontal lines on the shore and diagonal ones going up the side of the mountain. The landscape is bathed in a light, fresh summery glow, perhaps due to the translucent quality of the paint.

Jacqueline Watt's practice is informed by the Scottish landscape:

"My paintings do not imitate external reality but rather convey my response to the landscape around me. It is not the subject itself but the effect it has on me, which I explore in my paintings."

Her expressive brushwork and bright colours testify to the strong elemental forces behind her work. Watt studied at Edinburgh College of Art and has since worked as a practising artist. She combines this with teaching and lecturing at Leith School of Art, and she also works as a Senior Tutor and Scottish Organiser for the Open College of the Arts.

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