Dream Research
By Ross Mackenzie

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
58 x 68 cm

This piece was created using a screenprint technique: the artist used four different screens, each of which allowed a different colour—red, dark blue, light blue, and black—to mark the paper. The colours are bold and clean, and there is a striking contrast between the red background and the blues of the object in the foreground.

The nature of the form in the centre is unknown, and the title invites viewers to approach it with their own interpretation, as in any other dream. There are many possible explanations:

• An architectural form
• A component piece of some larger work, like a piece of Lego
• The hull of a ship, seen from below
• The shell of an arthropod or beetle
• A primitive statue or monolithic stone

Other questions about its nature remain uncertain: is it floating in space? Does the darker side indicate a different shade of blue, or a shadow? This piece raises more questions than it answers.

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