White Jug and Orange
By Ruth Addinall

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Still Life and Flowers
Reg. Number
46 x 47 cm

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Ruth came to Edinburgh to study French, also taking a course in Art History, which sparked her interest in the visual arts. She began producing work as a self taught painter in her late twenties and now also creates sculptures from wood.

Ruth’s paintings look at the rituals of everyday life, in particular those that connect us with our inner selves, like reading, writing, having coffee or just being absorbed in our own thought. She uses these subjects to help us recognise that although we are an individual undertaking these daily rituals, these are the habits or moments that are common to many people which bring us together.

White Jug and Orange is a stylised still life painting, which means it is depicted in a specific way which is not realistic. The composition is simple and the subject matter is familiar and easily recognised. Ruth has beautifully captured the simplicity of these objects, giving them another meaning and purpose. She asks the viewer to appreciate and admire these seemingly mundane items which stand regally against a plain background.

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