By Robyn Paul

Oil Painting
Subject Matter
Reg. Number
244 x 122 cm

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Robyn Paul is a Scottish artist and recently graduated from Edinburgh College of Art. This painting was part of Robyn's Degree Show collection. Of her work, Robyn said in 2014: 'The process of painting and my own intuition form integral parts of my artistic practice. Initially, my practice germinated from an interest in abandoned structures and the surfaces present in these dwellings. A variety of different sites have influenced the paintings I have produced over the last year. The entropic routine of time naturally covering and uncovering the past fascinated me. I apply this notion of ‘layering time’ to build compositions that hint at a narrative or memory. The canvas is built up through countless layers of paint that extend, overlap and protrude other layers to shape a history of mark making that ultimately blanket it. Considered yet somewhat unconscious and instinctive, colour, shape, line and tone are introduced into the composition. Bright colours embody this infrastructure, from luminous pinks, to intense oranges and lustrous yellow. Refining this assemblage is essentially a process of elimination, covering and uncovering the successes to build a dialogue inside the painting. Introducing small squares, or large geometric divides into the frame, confirm a strong composition, in addition to, hinting at the architectural forms where my interest originated. Working with a darkened opaque of blues, blacks and greys, I reveal illuminations of the under-painting to expose fleeting light, echoing the nature evident in the interiors of some of the sites I have visited.
Materiality is inherent in the places I have visited and documented. Through scale, I want to embed a tangible, physicality to the work. By adding the shine of gloss painted sections I add further physicality to the work. The reflective quality allows the space to be opened up to the viewer, in addition to other works, colours, line and physical architecture of the space being echoed.'

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