Glasgow In Rain
By Vanessa Venwieser

Subject Matter
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54 x 80 cm

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Vanessa was born in Munich, Germany and studied Fine Art photography at the Glasgow School of Art.Her influences are varied they range from literature : going back as far as Goethe and the Brothers Grimm fairytales and also poems from Heinrich Heine, Edgar Allen Poe and Pablo Neruda as well as painting for example Goya, Casper David Friedrich and German Romanticism in general and Gustav Klimt. Her photographic influences have been Duane Michals, Robert Frank and Bill Viola. Other influences have been German contemporary photography such as Andreas Gursky.

Vanessa has had many exhibitions in Glasgow and five exhibitions in London: Westbourne studios, in the Atrium Gallery in Whitley’s and more recently Fourcorners gallery (a photodebut project for Day4 Magazine where Vanessa`a work has also been published).

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