Langley Point
By Ashley Bolch

Reg. Number
53 x 59 cm

Ashley uses the printing technique of etching printed in colour to depict a remote coastal scene. The focal point of the composition consists of one solitary boat moored on the beach beside the breakwater. The boat and the breakwater form a dark linear expanse that runs across the picture plane separating the background from the foreground. The foreground, although treated in a looser manner than the boat and breakwater, still contains several detailed objects related to fishing, as well as the many pebbles which effectively lead the eye into the picture. The boat and breakwater abruptly stop the viewer's gaze, encouraging a closer observation of the more detailed objects here. From this point, the soft expanse of sea and sky, together with the cliffs and town in muted focus, provide a striking contrast with the fine detail in the foreground - creating a sense of vast space and separation. The subtle tones of both the background and foreground serve to enhance the linear drawing and the skilled precision in which the artist captures his surroundings.

Ashley Bolch studied at the Maidstone College of Art, later becoming a print restorer for Craddock and Barnard. He lives in Hastings where he runs a print workshop. His work often reflects the English landscape around Kent and Sussex where he lives. He exhibits regularly and is renowned for his fine technique producing detailed prints of landscapes and buildings. He has exhibited regularly at the Zella 9 Gallery, The Graffiti Gallery, Hastings Museum, Rye Society of Artists, Editions Gallery (Australia) and the Portfolio Gallery (New Zealand).

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