From Scarista Beag
By Deirdre Edwards

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
51 x 62 cm

This scene by Deirdre Edwards is a bold and intriguing artwork. She has used her ever faithful watercolour and ink combination, which she explores in a variety of ways. The ink has been drawn quite precisely, symbolising boundaries, whilst the watercolour is painted in a haphazard manner - exploding across the page, not fitting into any frame or silhouette. It is a contradiction of itself. Even as the ink gets further into the background features, it begins to fade and merge with the watercolour, suggesting some far off place where they are no boundaries. The colours are bold and quite striking to the eye, almost shocking, and seem to exaggerate the scene, implying that it is a hot day where the sun is shining brightly upon everything and contributing to the distant haze. The dark patches and clouds far off in the sky give the image a sense of reality showing that it is not all glorious and bright. The colours blend and blur with ease together, the sea looks so refreshing and blue, and inspires a feeling that one could jump right in. The image pulls you in, to the point where you want to walk around in the scene and absorb the surroundings. Deirdre Edwards likes to create something that entices the viewer and lures them in, whilst encouraging them to explore the boundaries and whether they are really there. Again, she has built up multiple layers to create depth and many sensations within one painting, in order to provide the viewer with an opportunity to interact.
Edwards largely uses paint as her medium of choice, a large portion of her work comprising of watercolour. Her subject matter can vary, but primarily focuses on exploration. Her latest works have included acrylic and aquacryl on canvas and consists of a series based on lines and angles. She makes observations in her everyday life of the visual stimuli we encounter and what this represents and develops this through the use of line and colour. She experiments with a process called 'mark making' and the subtle or not so subtle representations they provide. She also builds up her work, giving it multiple dimensions over many thin layers of translucent or opaque paint. This is what she calls 'inferring with the image'.

Deirdre Edwards, who currently works and resides in Edinburgh, was born in 1950 in Shanghai, China, where she spent a lot of her childhood. She began her journey into the world of art at a very young age, attending the Guildford and Farnham Art School Foundation and Fine Art Course from ten years old until eighteen. Her education then led her to the London Central School of Art, where she graduated with a BA First Class Honours in Fine Art Painting. For a period after this she also completed a course at the University of London Goldsmiths' College. In 1994 she relocated to Edinburgh where she spends her time creating works for exhibitions.

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