Veiled Interior with Vessels II
By Karen Phipps

Reg. Number
46 x 46 cm

The warm, rich tones give this painting a dream-like and magical quality. There is also a delicacy to the painting because of the transparency of the vessels and the soft pink tones. The composition is quite structured, although the paint is applied loosely and impressionistically within this structure. Carefully composed by Karen, the relationship of the vessels to one another and the negative space is carefully balanced and organised. The shadows and the vessels themselves lead the eye from one to the other across the surface of the painting. Her painting has a distinct tonal range, in this case deep pink and red tones.

Karen's work explores the formal and tonal relationships between objects and figures. She has previously explored a variety of subject matter, including landscape and the human figure, as well as her continuing fascination with still life which is the subject of the painting 'Veiled Interior with Vessels II'.

Karen studied at Glasgow School of Art in the 1970's and then taught art in schools in Glasgow and Lanarkshire. She returned to painting in 2003 and continues to explore the tonal relationships and spaces between objects in her paintings.

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