Passion, Imagination, Conscience II
By Sam Ainsley

Subject Matter
Abstract - People
Reg. Number
65 x 91 cm

Thank you Matilda Mitchell for adopting this artwork.

Sam Ainsley is a Scottish artist based in Glasgow. Much of her work primarily uses the abstracted form of the female body as a symbol for power and restraint, drawing inspiration from artists like Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso. Areas of bold colour heighten the emotional atmosphere in the paintings.

The figure here, not obviously male or female, sits within an abstracted landscape reaching out to the banner that zigzags through the middle of the painting with the words, “passion, imagination, conscience”. There is an observatory like building in the distance, and a small constellation over the chest of the figure. The overwhelming blue colour gives the bright painting a dream-like, sleepy quality. There is a path on the right, asking the viewer to ask the question “where it will lead?”

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