Energising an Alternative Atlas
By Karen Guthrie

Subject Matter
Reg. Number
134 x 134 cm

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A strong dark red and blue form a landscape backdrop for Atlas in this image. The world on his shoulders has taken on an egg shape and is surrounded by a halo of brightness, perhaps the energy alluded to in the title. Flowing lines from the golden column, a possible reference to the sun, suggest the energy flow and there is a sense of movement from left to right along the organic watery lines. Contrasting with the loose horizontal golden lines are the rigid vertical meridians of the globe. The combination of red and blue is dramatic - the former having connotations of life, blood and fire, whilst the latter evokes the mystery of deep space.Karen Guthrie (b.1970) studied at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating in 1991. She then went on to study for an MA in Printmaking at the Royal College of Art from 1991-93. She won the Andrew Grant Travel Scholarship in 1990 and used it to travel to what was then the USSR and also to Egypt. She now lives in Largs in Scotland and runs a creative company called Somewhere with fellow artist, Nina Pope. They have produced various projects in the medium of film, installation, live events and public art on themes of community, local history and public space.With thanks to the artist and Somewhere

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